Notion Meaning

A conception or idea. We each have a notion of just what kind of person we d like to be.

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A belief or idea.

Notion meaning. An opinion view or belief. A general vague or imperfect conception or idea. Notion definition a general understanding.

Notions small articles as buttons thread or ribbon displayed together for sale. Used for sewing or a shop or a department of a. His notion of democracy.

Cloth pins thread etc. She had only a vague notion of what might happen. A notion is an idea or belief about something.

An idea a belief or an understanding of something. Notion of something a political system based on the notions of equality and liberty. Opal w opal s.

Of i reject absolutely the notion that privatisation of our industry is now inevitable. That i d had a few notions about being a journalist. An individual s conception or impression of something known experienced or imagined they had different notions of right and wrong.

An inclusive general concept arriving at the notion of law irving babbitt. A notion of how something should be done. A belief or idea.

1 a 1. Vague or imperfect conception or idea of something. Jump to other results.

No tion ˈnəʊʃən ˈnoʊ w3 awl noun countable 1 an idea belief or opinion notion of misguided notions of male superiority the traditional notion of marriage goes back thousands of years. Cloth pins thread etc. Used for sewing or a shop or a department of a.

A fanciful or foolish idea. A theory or belief held by a person or group the notion of original sin.

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