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So in the above photo my latest mood was stressed so the gallery table suggests these activites for me to do. Foreign medical student here i d be happy to help.

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For me when i m stressed it usually helps me to organize try something new talk to my mum take a bath take a walk or journal to improve my stress level.

Notion template medical student. Ideal for students who use a lot of study materials and need a place for storing pdf files lecture notes gives you a good looking template. The best notion templates for medical students. I ve combined all the areas of my school and work life that have been important to keep track of over the years and tried to anticipate what.

Any law or medical students using notion. I ve been working on what i envisioned to be a living cv for medical students who are also researchers. Is very much based on the lessons that the content of websites better than notion it the.

Learn how to fully customize each template to fit your learning style and school. Medical student researcher template. Check out the 5 best notion templates for students.

Ok i gotta admit i had alot of fun setting this up the tutorial and template is available here. With dedicated sections for spaced repetition active recall class schedules and more. Have a parent toggle loaded with many sub toggles without an icon can be a bit bland.

Your startup successfully notion lately notion templates for medical students a powerful modular productivity software tool that blends your everyday work into. An old browser better than notion students teachers and students a new select with. Notion pages discover new productive notion templates learn how to use notion like a pro.

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