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A visual cheat sheet for the 40 keyboard shortcuts found on notion so. You can also open a separate notion window with ctrl cmd shift n shortcut.

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Markdown style on either side of your text to bold.

Notion shortcuts toggle. When creating a toggle how does one open the parent toggle to create content under it with keyboard shortcuts. To create a new page or turn whatever you have on a line into a page. They aren t too different from usual text editing shortcuts but anyway you ll want to memorize a few.

Press cmd ctrl to go back a page. Rather than these simple reminders you can use toggle lists to organize. To create a toggle list.

To create a code block. If you want anything further you can use standard keyboard shortcuts to an extent. You can use notion keyboard shortcuts to speed up the page editing process.

Pressing the enter key will just create another parent toggle under the previous toggle. Only get plain text and h1 through h3 in the block menu. Press cmd ctrl shift n or use cmd ctrl click to open a new notion window.

Cmd ctrl to zoom in. Keyboard shortcuts for notion notion is a real productivity boost for teams. Read the post below to see the top notion keyboard shortcuts to get the job done.

Notion is a tool that defies conventional categorization. It is useful during working with. They can be found in source link in the bottom of the article.

Just type ctrl n or cmd n mac and notion will compose a new note for you. Our top navigation shortcuts press cmd ctrl n to create a new page desktop apps only. Ctrl cmnd i for italic and ctrl cmnd b for bold both work.

Paste it as a link when selecting your icon in notion. Your team will love you. There are also useful commands in notion which we didn t list here.

Cmd ctrl option shift 8. Notion icons the easiest way to use gorgeous icons in notion. Expand or close all toggles in a toggle list t apply the last text or highlight color you used h move a.

Learn a few of the keyboard shortcuts to make the most out of it. I m finding myself creating a parent toggle then using a mouse click to open the toggle. These notion shortcuts will make you faster.

Please let me know if my question requires clarification. Cmd ctrl option shift 9.

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