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2 points 1 year ago. The embedded dark theme was not good for me and i decided to develop mine.

Request Notion To Implement An Oled Dark Mode Notion

It seems off to me.

Notion dark mode reddit. So in the picture the background would be dark but when i open my note the notes are black text on white background. This release also contains image loading fixes. I use the system dark mode on ios 13 but want to use the light mode in notion.

Dark mode toggle has been the most requested feature and i m happy to share fruition now supports it. I like dark mode but i don t think the notion color palette is right for it. Can t get dark mode back on my phone either since updating.

There s now a button on the top right where your site visitors can toggle between light and dark mode. I prefer using dark mode on my front page. However when it comes to my notes i would prefer if they had a white or custom background.

Today i m bringing you a 2 0 update with a major feature a toggle for dark mode. 2 points 1 year ago. Cmd shift l also works.

Is this possible to do. Notion is about the only app i use that i actually prefer the light mode over dark mode. Thanks for the hack.

Notion enhancer has a dark theme embedded in itself but this dark theme is full of bugs. I spent 10 hours on this because notion does not use css classes and therefore it is necessary to write mixed codes to target some elements. Don t think this is possible right now.

Didn t know that was a thing.

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