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You can track duration pace and distance for cardio workouts. Every workout only requires body weight and no extraneous weights or equipment.

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But it can be a bit daunting to set up things for yourself.

Notion template workout. The exercises we put in the workout exercises db actually get filtered. This is excellent. Another independent page titled training periodization calendar.

A database to track all training sessions including break times durations etc. I like the idea behind this fitness template. Every workout is a page with meta information on the workout session including the program date break time duration of the workout and the difficulty level.

Either you can manually add tasks and reminder or use the weekly agenda template to start the week. There are several reasons especially for the dedicated practitioners why it is important to keep track of exercises done. This aio workout tracker supports cardio body weight and weight training.

Now onto the templates. Creating a template is no different than saving a notion page. The first entry into the periodization calendar in notion is a page i ve set up called training in which i store all the information related to training programs and anything related to fitness.

If notion has a recursive function that would be great. Every workout contains another table including the individual workouts with reps sets and weights. Set and complete your most important priorities with this template.

It automatically calculates the pace. Included is a simple weight loss tracker. The only thing that would made it 100 perfect for me is to have a third database containing the list of exercises i usually do with their associated areas.

Workout template in the second episode of my learning formulas in notion series i share how one can create a workout dashboard with reference calculators relations and rollups. We re only showing the exercises that have a relation to that workout session. With a workout log template you can track down your workout activities.

Thank you for sharing. Plan and track the month s fitness accomplishments with the template button and general tracking properties in notion. This is a feature that notion has implemented which allows us automatically relate a new entry to a database using templates.

Use it to maintain a record of your workout sessions or the workout sessions of other people for easy tracking and for more effective training regimens. Notion is insanely powerful. Notion does offer task management with reminder functionality.

Our workout entry was automatically added to the filter. Inside is a calorie calculator food diary workout planner cardio tracker running and a user database that connects everything together. To add a template to your workspace simply click duplicate in the top right corner of any public page.

All you need to do is toggle the public and enable duplicates settings. This template is a simple calendar database with various easy at home workouts to follow inside. In that page there is a database a k a.

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