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An individual s conception or impression of something known experienced or imagined they had different notions of right and wrong. An example of a notion is when you sort of remember hearing about a particular fact.

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A notion is an idea often vague and sometimes fanciful.

Notion by definition. An inclusive general concept arriving at the notion of law irving babbitt. Notions small articles as buttons thread or ribbon displayed together for sale. A fanciful or foolish idea.

A general vague or imperfect conception or idea. The definition of a notion is an idea belief or vague knowledge of something. A notion is an idea or belief about something.

Used for sewing or a shop or a department of a. 1 a 1. A conception or idea.

That i d had a few notions about being a journalist. Of i reject absolutely the notion that privatisation of our industry is now inevitable. A belief or idea.

An example of a notion is when you have an idea of what acceptable behavior is. We each have a notion of just what kind of person we d like to be. An opinion view or belief.

Cloth pins thread etc. If you have a notion that you can swim across the ocean you are probably wrong. His notion of democracy.

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