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Holding a net worth of about 140 billion jeff bezos could theoretically afford to buy all the bitcoin btc in circulation. Jeff bezos is the founder of amazon and the world richest person according to forbes 2019.

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Tone vays weighs in crypto trader and youtuber tone vays explains what might happen if amazon ceo jeff bezos tried to buy all bitcoin in circulation.

Btc jeff bezos. He is thought to be a big fan of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and rumour has it that he is pondering. These are the hypotheses. Genesis mining s head of mining operations weighs in on the matter.

If bezos flooded the btc markets with buy orders all the liquidity would rapidly disappear with surging prices blocking out further buying salter explained. Of course he could only buy the liquid btc on exchanges massively driving up prices in the process salter told cointelegraph in an email. Amazon us march 30 2020 jeff bezos official btc giveaway amazon us find out how to take place in the giveaway below.

How do i take part. What would happen if he tried. One of the mantras that drive the bitcoin btc blockchain is that it is decentralized and cannot be controlled in any way.

Jeff bezos from amazon would have enough money to buy all the bitcoins. Salter mentioned other alternative purchase methods such as over the counter or otc buying as well as picking up stacks of the coin from miners. What if amazon s jeff bezos bought all btc.

Bitcoin only has so. To participate you just need to send between 0 1 btc to 20 btc to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back between 0 2 btc to 40 btc x2 back to the address you sent it from. This is due to the fact that it would require a lot of computational and economic power.

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