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Bitcoin as priced in gold. 200 week moving average heatmap.

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The golden ratio multiplier.

Bitcoin graph logarithmic. Top line is fitted to bull tops bottom line is fitted to lower areas of the logarithmic price trend which is not always the same as bear market bottoms. Let s go through a quick definition of what linear and logarithmic charts are. Inspired by based on a medium post by harold.

This is a version of the log growth curves previously published by quantadelic. This is the first piece to come out of. In fact we are still fairly far ahead with regards to our fair value logarithmic regression support band fit to non bubble data.

Bitcoin logarithmic growth curves. Logarithmic charts vs linear charts. Seeing the growth of the past couple of weeks another 50 increase in price should be reachable within two months or less.

Perspective is key to technical analysis and it s especially important for instruments like bitcoin. It also serves to further confirm the lgc as seen developing in the btc usd chart. Here also you see a logarithmic growth curve lgc developing and one predictive of price direction.

Pi cycle top indicator. This market cycle will likely be a long one so buckle up for the journey and maybe one day btc will flirt with the upper peak logarithmic regression band. While btc has dipped back down recently we are still very much on track.

Since bitcoin s insurrection it has been growing on an unprecedented logarithmic scale. This script is only intended for the bitcoin log chart to reflect the channel that can be found on a log log bitcoin chart. The update includes customizable fib levels and filled upper and lower bands.

Managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Awe andwonder twitter estimated btc bottom via logarithmic regression analysis below to compliment willy woo s own analysis asserting that 4 400 is the next real line of defense awe and wonder explained adding the default assumption takes on the meaning that nothing has changed and that this time is in fact no different. Linear chart price is scaled to be equal so 5 10 15 20 25 30 etc.

This post and its contents should in no way be considered investment advice. The projections out from current levels are theoretical path of btc based on the current trajectory. This plots logarithmic curves fitted to major bitcoin bear market tops bottoms.

Bitcoin uses peer to peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. Middle line is the median of the top bottom and the faded solid lines are fibonacci levels in between. Bitcoin logarithmic chart source.

It further supports the notion that bitcoin is in the process of capitalization. According to this logarithmic scale bitcoin s realistic resistance should lie around 60k. You see an equally divided price chart.

Btc usd bitcoin us dollar this is the most popular bitcoin pair in the world. Bitcoin the logarithmic growth curve by dave the wave.

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