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I also cover us equities forex and crude oil. I am mostly an intermediate time frame swing trader but am known to take on shorter scalp trades where i feel there is opportunity.

Bob Loukas On Twitter Entire Crypto Space Gaining Momentum But Still See A Lot Of Open Skepticism On Safe Side Eth Looks Hot 11 Month Bear Market 95 Decline 14 Months Later

He is highlighting a new outlook from entrepreneur and bitcoin investor bob loukas.

Bitcoin live bob loukas. I have been trading for over 25 years some of those years as a full time trader. Recently launch a brand new platform for bitcoin and. Bitcoin live accepts bitcoin transactions.

With over 25 years of experience in market analysis and trading bob is a life long student of economics and has an abiding passion for the financial markets. Cycle analaysis on bitcoin. But looking at volume on recent peak i would be skeptical.

Alt coins seem to also be exhausted. Still room and time for another new high in this 60 day cycle. The latest tweets from bobloukas.

I am a trader of 25 years focusing on the gold markets and bitcoin crypto. He is a leading expert in market cycles. Bob loukas is the founder of the financial tap.

In the video he introduced the idea of the four year bitcoin cycle and went against conventional wisdom by suggesting that the first few price rises in bitcoin were not separate events but all part of one larger bull market. To date cryptofinance remains a laughed at and obscure market on the fringe of finance. Continue reading bob loukas.

Watch my webinar with bitcoin live here get bitcoin live 37. Bitcoin is headed to 200 000. Bob loukas is the founder and chief strategist of big league finance a company dedicated to showcasing the world s best traders and investors.

You need to enable javascript to run this app. Near the top of the next great crypto bubble market cap and penetration will hit warning levels that concern the financial establishment. In january of 2019 bob loukas came seemingly out of nowhere with his first video.

Bob Loukas On Twitter One Bitcoin Maxpain Scenario Is The 4yearcycle Is Looking To Peak Over The Next 100 Trading Days Not My Expectation But Cannot Be Ignored Anymore Https T Co Jawveogojh

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