Which One Of The Following Molecules Is Polar

Which is the hybridization of the nitrogen atom in nh3. Which one of the following molecules is polar.

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Which of the following molecules are polar.

Which one of the following molecules is polar. Polar and non polar molecule. The arrangement of atoms in a molecule is in a way that there is a positive electrical charge at one end and a negative charge on another end. So it is a polar molecule but not others.

1 f 4 c l 3 b r 2. 8 i 2. 4 with the minimum difference is the most polar covalent bond.

Ccl4 ch2cl2 ch3cl2 ch3cl chcl3 or sih2cl2. Polar covalent bond shows minimum electronegativity difference between the atoms. So h i 0.

Since for the molecule to be polar there must be 1 high electronegativity difference between the respective atoms 2. There should be no lone pair on either atom hence above reasons are satisfied by the sf4 molecule. H 2 1 be 1 5 b 2 0 n 3 0 f 4 0 s 2 5 br 2 8 i 2 5 a.

More than one answer is possible. For asf3 the electronic geometry is and the molecular geometry is. Becl2 bcl3 bf4 ch2f2 or cf4.

Which one of the following molecules is nonpolar. Which one of the following molecules contains bonds that are the most polar. Which one of the following molecules is polar.

Brf5 d xef2 e xef4 b o a oe d. H 2.

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