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Your audit number is a 11 to 20 digit number most often found towards the bottom of your driver license. Please do not provide me the location of where the audit number is located on the tx id or tx dl because that is moot if one has lost or had their tx dl or tx id stolen.

Texas Dps On Twitter The Audit Number On Your Driver License Is Important Should Your Dl Get Lost Stolen Or Destroyed You Will Need This Number To Obtain A Replacement Online Save

A texas driver s license audit number is the 20 digit number at the bottom of your driver s license says online defensive driving course provider comedy driving.

Audit number on dl. How to get the audit number off drivers license when its lost. Texas audit numbers or the dd number at the bottom of your texas driver s license is unique to each driver s license you receive in the mail. If you have ever given a copy of your id somewhere like a job school etc ask them for a copy.

Leader board what s this. Driver s license faqs the audit asserted 118 incidents of sexual abuse of a child in the agency s care were not reported to the office of the child advocate and 19 incidents of abuse were not reported to district. In some instances it can be found vertically next to your picture.

If not go to the texas department of public safety and they can help you with two forms of other is i believe. Where is the audit number on tx dl summary. Answered september 25 2017.

The temporary will only have your regular 8 digit id do number your name dob address and expiration date. Audit numbers are issued therefore there is a source for audit numbers and i am guessing it is in a file or driving record. Other forms would be your social secur.

How to otain my audit number for my drivers license. How to find the audit number on your drivers license online. The driver license number is eight digits long and should not be confused with the audit number which is on the side of your picture or near the bottom of.

The purpose of the number is to uniquely ident. So unless you have a zero photo copy of your most recent id do card there is no way to get that audit number. If you make any changes to your license renew.

However you will need to know your name date of birth most recent audit number and last four 4 digits of your social security number or be able to answer security questions to verify your identity in order to login to the online system and order the duplicate driver license id card.

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