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Urusai is a word you encounter a lot in anime and manga. November 28 2015 japanese word meanings anime japanese cure dolly.

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Urusai meaning. Yurusanai or yurusenai is often used in manga and anime. Means shut up if used alone. Also means shoo when said to insects.

You are bothering me. 1 definitions matched 6 related definitions and 0 example sentences.

Often said with a similarly angry tone it can be confused with urusai but it is a completely different word with a very different meaning. Yurusanai is often translated as i won t forgive you. The most usual translation is shut up and if it is said or shouted on its own it is pretty much the exact cultural equivalent of shut up.

Pesky or annoying. Definition of urusai meaning of urusai in japanese. However the meaning is not identical.

Means shut up if used alone. More meanings for 煩い urusai noisy adjective.

More meanings for うるさい urusai noisy adjective. Also means shoo when said to insects. Pesky or annoying.

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Urusai Is A Word You Hear Often In Anime The Real Meaning Of Urusai May Surprise You Comic Book Cover Japanese Words Guide To Japanese

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