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Can you determine the personality type of four of the more well known depictions. That pretty much describes batman perfectly.

Why Batman Is Infj No Of Course I Don T Agree With This 100 Just Because He S My Favorite Infj Personality Intj And Infj Infj

Each and every batman villain is deceivingly unique one of a kind and almost impossible to label.

Batman mbti. They ve all pulled some pretty wild stunts that would never go over well with the non evil folks. This makes all of batman s main villains and his secondary characters such as jim gordon or barbara kean a main part of the series along with a pre vigilante bruce too. In this week s typing tuesdays post we look at the many faces of batman.

It starts indeed with the murder of martha and thomas wayne an event that upsets and influences the whole city. From pure camp to gothic to fantasy to realism the portrayal of batman has changed with the times. The many mbti personality types of the dark knight.

The description of the intj mtbi character type is the architect. Those behaviors are all hallmarks of an intj one of the rarest strategic thinker personality types to exist in mbti something that fits batman really well. Ironically enough the myers briggs test is only done on the mentally stable and clearly most of our favorite baddies are not exactly the sanest.

However this list is done with all due respect. However the fact is that batman holds all these feelings inside. His entire career as a crimefighter was based on losing his parents as well as losing those close to him such as robin.

The prequel series gotham narrates about the city s history and development before batman s arise. One of the negative qualities of a stereotypical intj is also being socially inept and edgy and will arnett s batman has no qualms on letting this side of the character loose. Some people might consider batman to be infj.

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