Darth Nihilus Vs Vitiate

With that said i d be down to see a fight between those two. Kmc forums star wars star wars.

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The wound in the force.

Darth nihilus vs vitiate. Darth nihilus vs lord vitiate 132 results. A thought and secondly vitiate being pre prime is relevant because you were using that as a direct comparison as to why nihilus wins. Literature expanded universe star wars versus forum darth nihilus vs.

Click here to see this thread with all of the graphics features and links. And darth nihilus doesn t have a physical form anymore. Darth nihilus vs valkorion lord vitiate deactivated 5be183e26f3e9.

Nihilus has the advantage of being able to drain anything on the spot but vitiate is basically immortal so i m not sure if he d be so susceptible to nihilus s force drain. Plus the emperor is a highly intelligecnt man with centuries of experience while nihilus is a rabid animal. Born in 5113 bby as the illegitimate sith son of lord dramath in the old sith empire tenebrae carved a path of destruction across the planet.

Tenebrae the sith lord darth vitiate who was known to his reconstituted sith empire as the sith emperor and to his eternal empire as valkorion was an ancient dark side entity of enormous power who manipulated galactic affairs for 1 500 years.

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