Boruto Jougan Full Power

In the future it may be possible for boruto to use his eye to track anyone. But according to a picture drawing boruto cleaning his right eye it has a caption which translated as jougan or pure eye.

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The jougan grants three kinds of powers that are known.

Boruto jougan full power. In the naruto franchise chakra is the power used to form the attacks the ninjas use. It can clearly see the key point in the. Boruto s eye looks extremely powerful.

It s second ability is somewhat similar to the hyuga clan s byakugan but more powerful. We have only seen a fracture of its power and at this time boruto still has not gained full control over it. Therefore let us use that name for the time being.

Its official name hasn t been announced yet. Boruto hasn t gained full control of it yet. The jougan has been revealed to be able to see and sense chakra.

It s first ability is to sense evil chakra as it was confirmed during ghost incident nue arc. It might be a bit confusing because there is no trace of byakugan s power but when his eyes changed during the fight. Aside from this jougan also gives emotion sensing abilities to boruto.

He may have inherited this ability because naruto has also experienced the same thing with his mother. Using his eye boruto has been able to track certain chakra signature. At the beginning of boruto anime we can see boruto already has full control over the eye.

Returning to his younger age we get to see the first time he awoken the eye and has glimpse of its power. One is the ability to see and sense chakras that include dark chakra. Jougan is awoken from his right eye with black sclera and light blue pupil.

The ability is self activated especially around dangerous elements. If looking up close it also seems to have white halo surrounding the pupil. 10 ability of jougan.

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