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Goku and thor have the best energy projection. For everything related to dan simmons hyperion cantos or endymion novels and short stories.

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Hyperion vs superman reddit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. An even higher than superman s 5 day bench feat fan calc. On top of that superman adds super speed freeze breath his genius intellect and and depending on the version a bio electic aura that would basically seal him off from any radiation damage from hyperion s energy attacks.

He held back the collision of two universes until the planets broke and the energy cascaded so his strikes should hurt superman more than superman s will hurt him. Assuming all characters are at standard power levels and the void isn t involved. Superman gets all his pc and new 52 feats.

Superman hyperion sentry blue marvel and. Superman wins because hyperion is a sun based fighter seriously he uses and emits solar energy. It might go on long enough for superman to get tired.

Superman blue marvel vs. Still superman has beaten the odds plenty of times in the past so this fight could truly go either way. Afaik hyperion is so much more durable than superman he shouldn t have an issue.

Knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator s sword in discussions on reddit. Overall i think goku is a hindrance to superman given the similarities between superman and the other team. You are indeed where you belong.

He was crushed between two universes but he was only knocked unconscious. Based on that alone the two are more likely to be allies than enemies but if a fight is unavoidable hyperion would have a slight edge just by virtue of ruthlessness. Superman vs hyperion r2.

Superman vs stable sentry. Then welcome home my friend. Is this at the same time or 1 on 1.

At the same time seems like a mismatch so i m gonna assume you mean 1 on 1. In a physical brawl hyperion would win though despite not having many speed showings. Does goku have any objective durability feats.

Superman vs unstable sentry r3. Hyperion and thor goku in physical strength but superman. If not superman thor and hyperion are all.

I think sentry narrowly beats superman superman narrowly beats hyperion and superman stomps homelander. The goals of both hyperion and superman is to protect humanity. 94 votes 32 comments.

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