Jougan Boruto Karma Seal Stage 2

As soon as luffy knocks him out boruto would enter karma stage 2. Kāma is a seal that serves as a compressed backup of an ōtsutsuki clan member s biological data that they can embed in the body of a chosen recipient transforming them into a vessel 器 utsuwa for the ōtsutsuki s will should they sustain fatal injuries over time the kāma overwrites the vessel s genetic profile until their body transforms into that of a perfect recreation of the.

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Boruto with jougan karma sage mode kyuubi s chakra that he would share with himawari like naruto and minato and a big maybe a yellow otsutsuki s rinnegan on his forehead.

Jougan boruto karma seal stage 2. Let s begin from the beginning first let me tell you guys who boruto uzumaki is and how he got his otsutsuki curse mark. Sakura funny enough is my favori. Boruto uzumaki is the son of the seventh hokage of konohagakure naruto uzumaki and hinata hyuga.

My issue is that they are trying to set her up to be a sakura in a slick way. I know i gave feats for this form but not all of them karma stage 2 boruto is 2x stronger than what i just shown and want proof listen to mitsuki saying. I don t see how luffy is speed far beyond.

Boruto got his karma seal when he went along with sasuke and the other kage to save naruto. With the jougan he will dodge luffys attacks and counter them. Since the ohtsutsuki clan members have the ability to transcend death with the help of seals just before he died momoshiki gave boruto a karma mark in the form of a dot on the latter s right palm.

Sarada with byakugou eternal mangekyô sharingan she wouldn t loose heal thanks to the seal and who knows she might even get rinnegan mixing it like sasuke. Recently boruto uzumaki was seen being able to use the karma stage 2 to defeat boro within a few moves which shows how big a power boost it really is. Boruto is considered a gen.

Known users of karma i. See this is the type of question ppl need to be asking. Then get knock out again.

Thank you for posting this. In karma stage 2 the physical abilities are heightened to their absolute peak and even someone like boruto becomes as powerful as a full fledged otsutsuki clan member. Ppl are saying sharingan but not seeing the issue.

How strong is v2 karma seal boruto is.

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