Hyperion Vs Superman Who Would Win

Who would win in a fight. At the same time seems like a mismatch so i m gonna assume you mean 1 on 1.

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Who would win in a battle of luck.

Hyperion vs superman who would win. In a physical brawl hyperion would win though despite not having many speed showings. Posted by 6 days ago. I think sentry narrowly beats superman superman narrowly beats hyperion and superman stomps homelander.

Cheating is allowed but if you get caught you lose. The daily show with trevor noah recommended for you. Here are the five reasons why hyperion is more powerful than captain marvel and five why he never will be.

4 his collision with hyperion created a earthquake so big that scientist couldn t believe what they were seeing. The goals of both hyperion and superman is to protect humanity. Superman vs captain marvel.

Superman has trained with batman and is a clever tactician due to years of looking for win end states to no win situations. Superman wins because hyperion is a sun based fighter seriously he uses and emits solar energy. Based on that alone the two are more likely to be allies than enemies but if a fight is unavoidable hyperion would have a slight edge just by virtue of ruthlessness.

An even higher than superman s 5 day bench feat fan calc permalink to the post i made in weekly jibber jabber. Posted by 6 years ago. King hyperion wins normal hyperion is weaker than supes but not by much so two hyperions would beat superman and kh beat two hyperions call it abc logic if you like but thats my reasoning.

Assuming all characters are at standard power levels and the void isn t involved. If you don t know now you know. Total comments on blogs.

Still superman has beaten the odds plenty of times in the past so this fight could truly go either way. Each player is in character but are given an intense desire to win. Vaping the daily show duration.

Hyperion is going to fight directly and without creativity. That being said comic book fans have yet to see how a head to head battle would go for the two characters. Is this at the same time or 1 on 1.

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