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It is again like saying people with sign of virgo would suffer whereas people with sign of scorpio. In bhinashtakvarga of saturn in capricorn sign there are more than 3 bindus.

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I have been debating with myself if i should write this or not.

Sade sati experience quora. Saturn stays in each sign for 2 5 years approximately and passes through 3 zodiac signs in 7 5 years transiting over natal moon and adjacent houses to it. In each house saturn takes about two and half years and transit over three rasis is seven. I wanted to start my venture and while being in the job we just started to check the investment scene for some reason me and my partner had to leave our jobs.

At any point of time 25 of the world population is going through a sade saati and at least 25 are enjoying a favorable position of saturn. But scorpio sade sati particularly affects your peace of mind. At the risk of inviting the wrath of many in my community i would dare say that sade saati is more of a fear mongering tactic than a real issue.

The term sade sati means the seven and half years transit of the planet saturn over the 12th and the 1st or janna rasi and the 2nd house from the janma rasi. Sade sati won t be bad if saturn is going through capricorn or aquarius sign. When saturn or shani transit through twelfth first and second house from the natal moon of birth chart the period is termed as sade sati.

Because there are chances of inviting a strong backlash and bunch of hate mails telling me that i don t know astrology as i am about to butcher the cash cow of astrologers the fabled shani sade saati. Sade sati is a transition phenomenon of saturn shani. The hoax called shani sade saati and why you shouldn t be afraid of it.

The 7 years phase is good in terms of research work. Even before sadesati w. So for all those living in terrible fear of.

This is because saturn here is placed in an enemy sign as it is inimical towards moon. Sade sati won t prove bad if you are in dasha or antardasha of a beneficial planet. It surely comes at least once or more than one times in a whole lifespan of a person depending on the number of years a person is alive in the world.

In sarvashtakvarga there are more than 30 bindus in 12th 1st and 2nd from planet moon. Check out if you are undergoing shani sade sati and how it would affect. Saturn takes two and half years to transit from one house to another house hence is called dhaiya meaning 2 1 2 years so the transit of saturn or.

Sade sati is 7 5 years period of saturn s transit in 12th 1st and 2nd house from natal moon or chandra rashi in the birth horoscope. Scorpio is an enemy sign and moon is also debilitated in scorpio. Shani sade sati for scorpio moon sign is not quite favorable.

Sade sati is the phase of life which comes with the fear in people s hearts. Capricorn is my moonsign and sadesati started for me in october.

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