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During this toneri refers to boruto s eye as the jougan or pure eye. Boruto creators have yet to reveal why the kekkei genkai has been called the pure eye.

I know that boruto has told shikamaru and the others about his eye but they haven t even seen it yet.

Jogan boruto jougan eye. Get the pure eye choose the jougan eye of boruto contact lenses from post my contacts. Naruto next generations made a. He himself also mentioned that eye as jougan which means pure eye.

Jougan literally meaning pure eye is a unique dojutsu known only to the ohtsutsuki clan. Cause i have been rewatching the episodes. When first used during his time in the academy boruto did not appear to have the ability to activate it on command instead the eye would.

Pure eye however upon officially appearing in writing the spelling was changed to the traditional form jōgan 淨眼 literally meaning. When did she knew about it. In the manga this dōjutsu is featureless in appearance with a barely visible pupil.

Once the eyes full powers have been revealed perhaps the name will also be explained. Boruto uzumaki went otsutsuki in latest chapter 43. Boruto activates jougan roasts naruto toneri visits boruto in his dream anime.

Jougan sebenarnya bentuk pertama dari garis keturunan byakugan yang sudah tercampur kekuatan lain dan membentuk kekei genkai yang baru. Based on this information and toneri s origin some people suspect that jougan is a dojutsu in byakugan tenseigan line. When depicted in the anime the dōjutsu is blue in colour with a darkened sclera and visible pupil.

When did she found out about his jougan and in what episode. The only people i know that knows about it are the ones you mentioned but sarada. Designed to work on all eyes without affecting your own vision once upon your eyes you will notice the transformation your eyes will go from normal looking to the tenseigan eyes just as you see in the movies.

Pure eye after the airing of episode 15 chengxi huang an animator for boruto. This dōjutsu was awoken by boruto uzumaki in his right eye. Menurut sang animator yang memposting gambar boruto sedang membersihkan mata kanannya jougan berarti pure eye atau mata suci.

The jougan also spelled jogan in english translates to pure eye. In early production materials its name was tentatively spelled with modern kanji as jōgan 浄眼 literally meaning. The clan s members have often called it troublesome.

He said that boruto possesses the star of hope which highly referring to boruto s right eye. In the manga the dojutsu is featureless in appearance with a barely visible pupil whereas in the anime jougan eye is blue in color with a darkened sclera and a visible pupil. On the basis of this information and the origins of toneri people believe that jougan is the result of a dojutsu from the byakugan tenseigan line.

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