Someone S Mother Has Four Sons Meaning In Hindi

What is the name of the fourth son. The question itself says someone s mom given the name of the three other sons the name of the fourth son can be.

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Someone s mother has four sons.

Someone s mother has four sons meaning in hindi. Someone s mum has four sons. My mother has my birth certificate but she does not want anything to do with me any more in 1962 there were more than 2 000 births to mothers who had 10 or more previous children you know the funny thing about sexism is that most young men you included have mothers and sisters whom they love and respect. Whatsapp riddle someone s mother has four sons someone s mother is a riddle that is currently been forwarded by many people on whatsapp.

Name of three sons are north east west what is the name of the fourth son can anyone tell. Please solve the riddle. Stack exchange network stack exchange network consists of 176 q a communities including stack overflow the largest most trusted online community for developers to learn share their knowledge and build their careers.

Like for example the bye hand emoji waving hand sign means ta ta alvida in hindi. Answers to hindi muhavre puzzle that has been doing the rounds on whatsapp. Ibrahim s mom has four sons the first s name is monday the second s name is tuesday the third s name is wednesday what is the name of the fourth son.

Therefore the name of the fourth son is someone. If you are familiar with indian street food or at least you have some knowledge about it then you might identify street food items easily. Someone s mom has four sons.

Such riddles and quizzes facilitate the people to keep their brain cells active during the time of lockdown. As the mother named all her sons with the names of the direction the name of the fourth son can be south. Three sons are named north south and east and people have to guess what the name of the fourth son is.

We can assume that someone is a person and the speaker is referring to him when talking about his mother. In this question it is clearly mentioned that someone s mother has 4 sons the name of her other three sons are given. There can be two different answers for this question.

All the street food given below are based on indian street food so this makes it easier for you to guess. If you fail to guess put this as your status and add a line to the status at the end i lost to sender s name click here for answer name of the 4th son is what it is given what is the name of the fourth son. Can you guess the name of the fourth son.

Recently a riddle about a mother and four sons has been circulating around instagram.

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