Choleve Study

Kansas university then conducted a study comparing choleve and orlistat the leading prescription strength weight loss medication. Minuscal bars include a proprietary blend of fermented tea extract called choleve from nashai biotech.

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It is unlikely that a large outbreak of cholera would occur in the united states or other developed countries but cholera epidemics are a very big public health concern in haiti india and other developing areas of the world.

Choleve study. Why is the study of cholera a priority for niaid. Subjects were recruited from april 15 2001 to july 19 2001. Choleslo claims to address one of the core causes of high cholesterol levels which is a change in hormones due to aging.

According to the shark tank blog choleve is a proprietary ingredient that s made from natural fermented tea extracts. By extrapolation minuscal states with confidence that choleve can reduce fat absorption by 12. Choelve has been proven through human clinical trials to reduce lipid levels in humans as published in cholesterol lowering effect of a theaflavin enriched green tea extract.

Orlistat had already been proven to reduce fat absorption by 25 which was corroborated by this study. Choleve was originally used to block ldl cholesterol. Cholesterol lowering effect of a theaflavin enriched green tea extract.

The results is published in archives of internal medicine volume 163 in june 2003. It s a scientifically proven remedy for lowering cholesterol but when jama internal medicine did the study they found study subjects lost weight too. For instance red yeast rice contains monacolin k an active ingredient found in mevacor also called lovastatin according to research published in the journal pharmacy therapeutics.

The study was a double blind randomized placebo controlled parallel group trial. Nashai has perfected a process for extracting high concentration of theaflavins from tea leaves resulting in choleve our specially blended proprietary product. Also this product contains phytosterols.

Choleve occurs naturally in all tea but you d have to drink a gazillion gallons to get the benefits of the extract. Choleve until recently the benefits of fermented tea or black tea went relatively undiscovered. In the study minuscal touts as their proof researchers compared choleve to orlistat a prescription fat blocker.

Because the bacteria that cause cholera vibrio cholerae are spread through contaminated water cholera is not a public health issue in countries where drinking water and sewage are separated and treated. A human clinical study conducted by nashai in 2001 on 240 participants revealed a biologically plausible conclusion that theaflavins lower cholesterol in humans. Two weeks after signing an informed consent those who met entry criteria were randomized to receive either a capsule containing a theaflavin enriched green tea extract nashai biotech llc nashville tenn or placebo.

Originally investigated for its cholesterol reducing properties clinical trials also indicated that it could effectively cause weight loss by blocking the absorption of some fats maron d.

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