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Not so smart as the only flight masters i have found are for druid s only. She s south of the lake east of the tunnel to felwood winterspring.

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I thought i would be smart and use the lunar festival to get the flight paths to darnassus for my lower level characters.

Wow moonglade flight master. I posted before and was told yes flight paths are in moonglade for other than druid. There is a flight master in moonglade. I have run the area and i am just not seeing them.

Silva fil naveth darnassus flight master bunthen plainswind thunder bluff flight master malvor herbalism trainer shrine of remulos see more. 1 flight master titles 2 alliance flight masters 3 horde flight masters 4 neutral flight masters a flight master is an npc that offers a character the opportunity to obtain flight paths and to fly to other flight masters through those flight paths. You can swim from darkshore into moonglade territory check the minimap title drown yourself res inside moonglade meet the keeper end of seed of life quest from maraudon get your flight path run the gauntlet of timbermaw hold you only need to protect yourself enough that you can run far enough inside until the area becomes felwood.

The alliance flight path east of the small pond in the southwest of moonglade is a great connection flight btwn auberdine and winterspring. They can usually be found at a roost or nest of flying transportation mounts which are either bats gryphons hippogryphs wyverns or dragonhawks. The flight from auberdine to felwood goes ridiculously off course so the total time is about 9 mins and going from auberdine to moonglade and moonglade to winterspring is much quicker.

Moonglade map with locations npcs and quests world of warcraft wrath of the lich king burning crusade wow maps guides items quests. The horde equiv is just west of the tunnel.

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