Someones Mother Had Four Sons

The third possible answer would be what. North east and west.

Someones Mother Has Four Sons North South And East What Is The Name Of The Fourth Son Private Message M Hidden House Minimalist Architecture Staircase Metal

Answer the name of the fourth son of mom is someone as she is someone s mom.

Someones mother had four sons. Someones mom has 4 sons riddle. Can you guess the name of the fourth son. The compass points normally are north west south and east.

In the description of the question it is written as someone s mom means the name of a person. Other answer can be what thanks chevaler for the comment below. What is the name of the fourth son.

Three sons are named north south and east and people have to. The correct answer is someone. If you lose you have to repost this.

We are assuming that the mother named her fourth son after the fourth compass direction just as the preceding three sons. Someone s mom has four sons three are north west south. As riddle says someones mom has four sons.

What is the name of the fourth son. The question is a common riddle based on the mathematical topic called sequences. Did you answer this riddle correctly.

Someone s mom has 4 sons north west and south. Recently a riddle about a mother and four sons has been circulating around instagram. Someones mom has 4 sons.

Given the name of the three other sons the name of the fourth son can be someone. This someone s mother has 4 sons riddle is one of the trending puzzle which has become viral worldwide. Since someone s mother has four sons north west and south the name of the fourth son is someone.

Name of the fourth child is someones. Solving these types of puzzle questions will help you in cracking the aptitude test rounds in interviews and other competitive exams as well. It s like saying she has four sons north south west and then the fourth is called what.

Why is whatsapp status trimmed to 15 seconds how long will this change last. The question itself says someone s mom. Reply to this post with the correct name of the fourth son.

Someone s mom has 4 sons north west and south. What is the only 15 letter english word with fifteen different letters. The name of the fourth son is someone.

Why would a parisian hairdresser prefer to give a haircut to two belgians rather than one briton. What is the name of the fourth son. Getty what is the name of the fourth son.

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