Boruto Jougan Vs Naruto

However when boruto came back to their stories things seemed to have changed. Boruto creators have repeatedly stated that the jougan is not related to the byakugan.

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Despite boruto showing a special power at the beginning of the series the jougan rarely appears.

Boruto jougan vs naruto. Once naruto had graduated he showed his consistent ability to improve himself and his skills. Ultimately the show called it a tie. Another major theory regarding the origins of the eye is that of natural manifestation.

While naruto writer masashi kishimoto had originally planned to give boruto the byakugan he claims to have forgotten to give boruto that ability. The byakugan runs in boruto s maternal family. Boruto s younger sister is known to have inherited the power.

People claim that the jougan was the manifestation of hinata and naruto s chakra within boruto. Boruto unleashes jougan rasengan vs kawaki naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4 road to borutokawaki mod by. This aligns with the anime s hints that boruto s eye is the result of biology and nothing else.

Boruto vs kawaki full fight boruto naruto next generations boruto jougan engsubcreated by. Hal ini menjelaskan kenapa jougan bisa melihat aliran chakra layaknya byakugan dan juga merasakan emosi negative seperti yang dipancarkan oleh nue layaknya kemampuan sensor. Boruto can feel a bit stagnant at times.

In the anime boruto first awakened the jougan while fighting nue with mitsuki but it was involuntary. While both men are powerful naruto has been preparing for hokage. Toneri ohtsutsuki helped boruto to awaken by imparting a prophetic dream to him but boruto always had the potential to awaken the jougan in a similar way to hagoromo awakening the rinnegan in sasuke.

Uzamaki and nine tails powers were matched. An important part of naruto was the title character s constant growth. Naruto argument went on for fifteen long years while the naruto series progressed.

Animator boruto mengatakan bahwa jougan ini merupakan kombinasi antara kemampuan yang dimiliki oleh byakugan dan juga kemampuan sensor naruto untuk merasakan emosi negatif. Boruto ep 1 boruto episode 1if you enjoy it.

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